Prophecy of Luna

Prophecy of the Goddess, Luna, to her Daughter, Medeva — 

Oh rogue, heroic daughter,
gift of mortals and of gods — 

I've come to bestow a warning, 
won't you hear my call? 

Today, the day of a wedding, 
begins your battle with the Dread,
with his cold pet, Reason,
blocks the voices of the dead.

Not a single spirit’s whispers, 
not a thing a soul has said,
will be heard by witch or magician
in that city called Ratio-res. 

That's why you must venture
to lands beyond the sea, 
be ferried by the Kraken
to a massive, sprawling tree;

don't let yourself be enchanted by
the sweet music of the fey,
true, their world is beautiful 
but you'd be lost the rest of your days. 

Nights will be full of wonder, 
overcome with a truer sight, 
find that your magic is quite different
than the kind you had in life.

You will not be forgotten, 
Sorceress, stories just begun — 

powerful new soul you'll wield,
don’t fly too close to the sun. 

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