Character Prompts (Medeva #1)

"What major, global trends and traits affected your individual characters (Medeva)?"

Character Bio: Medeva, the Sorceress

Prompt inspired by Characters and Worldbuilding by Steven Savage

Beginning in her early life, Medeva was impacted by her birth to the goddess Luna — who came to be associated with one of the moons over Aeora. Although Medeva had no idea of her heritage for many years, Luna eventually came into contact with her daughter (in the form of prayers and prophecies). This gave Medeva access to hidden information and powers, as well as a deeper understanding for the life of Aeora. Luna’s involvement in Medeva’s life, even from a young age, caused her to want to become a sorceress and archivist.

Another major impact on Medeva’s life was the Hellenic Disaster, otherwise known as the Destruction. According to legend, Medeva survived the Disaster — but how exactly is not clear. Some sources claim that spirits helped her travel to another world, but still others suggest that she found refuge at the Ananta Islands. In any case, the Disaster was a major influence on Medeva (especially later in her life), as it was with anyone who lived in this time period.

During Medeva’s lifetime, there were major shifts in the political landscape like the destruction of civilizations such as Kemet and Valentia. Events such as these had an impact on Medeva’s worldview, causing her to become familiar with death and disharmony. However, her closeness with disaster proved to be an asset, as Medeva used her experiences as inspiration to make a better world in the post-Destruction era. The shifting political landscape also offered Medeva certain advantages, giving her the opportunity to lead people who were disillusioned with their society.

Medeva’s life was unusual from the beginning. Having been born to the moon, Luna, and during that period known as the Hellenic Disaster, her world was filled with instability. But she used this as inspiration to find peace within herself and try to spread stability across a broken world. This philosophy demonstrates a high-level of resilience, another area in which Medeva improved after witnessing the events of the Destruction.


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