July 2021 Update

Hello everyone!

I am finally off work, have a cup of coffee and a smoke, and am ready to talk about all of the new updates that are going to be coming to the World of Aeora in the next couple of weeks. I think this could be a useful trend, and maybe every month I'll make a post on upcoming updates -- let me know what you think in the comments! Here is the list of updates that are set to release soon:

  • World of Aeora Moving to Blogger -- By far one of the biggest updates is that World of Aeora is no longer going to be primarily hosted by Wordpress, and instead will be hosted by Blogger. I'm sorry if this causes any issues for anybody, but Wordpress is just not a financially feasible platform (for even basic features). This site will still remain somewhat active, to post news and links, but will mainly push people back to the upcoming Blogger website. A big apology to my followers on Wordpress, but I know that this transition will be much better for the site overall.
  • Tales of Aeora Part 1 to be Completed Soon -- Part 1 of the Tales of Aeora collection is going through its final stages of editing. Hopefully you will be able to read it soon! And in a much nicer PDF embed once the website has moved to Blogger, which is a big plus.
  • Discord and Subscribers -- The World of Aeora Discord should be finalized soon, as well as the special Subscriber role which you will be able to purchase from my Ko-Fi. Subscribers will be able to chat with other fans, and gain access to exclusive content like map templates and assets.
  • New Maps -- There are a couple new maps I've been working on that are also set to release sometime soon. Both of them are from the nation of Misram, and blank templates will be provided for Subscribers to include in their own projects.

And those are all of the new updates and features coming soon to the World of Aeora! Hope you are all excited, and please like or comment if you have a question or request.

As always, thank you for your support!

Brett Palmer

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