Medeva, the Sorceress

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Medeva, the Sorceress

  • Race: Half-Mortal 
  • Birthplace: the Freelands
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: ??? B.D.


History / Background

Medeva was born, Before the Destruction, to a mortal man and a goddess, Luna, who was associated with one of the moons of Aeora. Her father abandoned her when she was a child, leaving her in a tribal village where she grew up under protection from the nearby villagers. Eventually they arranged for her to marry Jason, the leader of the Society of Alchemists. She lived with him in Ratio-res for a short time, but grew to resent him and looked for an opportunity to flee. Eventually she met Emilia, her own half-cousin, and fled with her (on a ship called the Kraken) to the Isles of Ananta.


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