Sand Golems



Basic Info

Classification: Construct (Kemetian)

Size: Amorphous 

Diet: n/a

Habitat: Sand golems are found in the deserts around Misram, and formerly across the nation of Kemet in its final years. The golems were constructed in Kemet, and therefore they have stayed generally close to that area — although a few have wandered off into the nearby countryside.

Social: Sand golems have no desire, or need, to be social; although sometimes they can be found in groups simply because that’s how they were stored or organized in the past.

Detailed Info

Predator / Prey Relationship: Sand golems have no need to eat or drink, and therefore are not really a part of the food web. They do, however, kill if they have been constructed, or ordered, to do so.

Appearance: The true form of a sand golem is simply the large, red eye found somewhere in their appearance. Using the sand, these constructs can blend and warp their bodies to almost any shape they desire (as long as it fits within certain size restrictions), but often take the shape of a humanoid. Many people believe that the humanoid form of a sand golem is their true appearance but this is not true. In fact, if you were to attack the sand within a sand golem’s body — it would have no effect at all.

Relationship w/ Humanoids: Sand golems were created by humans who lived in Kemet, Before the Destruction, who (according to legend) used dark schools of magic to bring the constructs to life. The process of creating a sand golem is fairly complicated, and has not survived to the modern day. Therefore, when all of the sand golems have been “killed,” they will go extinct since they’re unable to reproduce. However, many of the golems have been hidden underground and in secret chambers, meaning that it could be decades — or even centuries — before they wake up and arrive in the world. Sand golems were present, during the last years of Kemet, as a sort of military regime that could be used to keep the peace and defend the nation. However, for unknown reasons, many of the golems were sealed away (prior to the fall of Kemet) even though they would have been a powerful asset to the nation in its final days.

Natural Weapons: Sand golems are able to manipulate the sand, and fine dust particles, within a certain radius of their red eye. This allows them to construct a body, or form, out of sand — which can take many different shapes and sizes. Other than shapeshifting, the sand can be used as a weapon or a tool to capture prey. The sand can suffocate an opponent, or grind their body to dust, under the right conditions.

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