Tales of Aeora (1.5)

 “Phrixus and Helle” 

Translated from the ancient language of Kemeti in 42 A.D.


Ancients claim Phrixus was brother to the

Sun, younger though as radiant – grey light,

reflected, showed although he floated far 

away that he was not alone. Luna,

the eldest sister, sat by earth between

the two, watched as each cratered body bloomed.


When Phrixus fought Solarus, Luna wept

and filled the night with stars and earth’s oceans

with waves, flooded the lost cities of Yis

and Lyonesse in her colossal grief – 

proud Phrixus burned as punishment, thick band

of ash and sulfur tore apart the sky.


Red eye called his twin flame – spirit known as

Helle -- died in rising tides, and tears, to

live with stars in space. First war had waged, the

twins prepared for fate – the day was coming

when they would no longer have to wait. But 

Luna and Solarus knew a secret:


Helle awake, earth was safe, the heavens

spun harmoniously – worlds once grew in

shadows cast by spheres in opposition.

But knew, as well, Phrixus could not rest. His

return all but certain on that day when

moons must meet, cruel king, Morte Kalendis.

Heavens spiral the mouth of a whirlpool in predetermined rotation -- paper

boats, by weak sails, bob on rows of rippled teeth cut from the night sky, fill’d with dim stars.

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