Emilia, Priestess of Knossos

Emilia, Priestess of Knossos

  • Race: Half-Mortal 
  • Birthplace: Elithrea
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: ??? B.D.


History / Background

Emilia was born on the island nation of Elithrea to the goddess, Helle, and a mortal man. From birth she had exceptional powers that no one was able to explain. and (after Helle left the planet) was quickly sent to train with the mysterious priest and priestess of the sacred city of Knossos. She quickly climbed the ranks and could read the Secret Language fluently by the time she was seven years old. By the time she was twelve, they had promoted her to one of the highest ranks that a priestess of Knossos can attain. It was clear that she was a gifted child, so throughout most her early life she was given gifts and recognition -- such as the three soul gems that she keeps on a chain wrapped around her wrist; yet she was not happy and left the island of Elithrea and joined up with a group of smugglers in her efforts to explore the coastlines of the world. Eventually she traveled to the Freelands and met her own half-cousin, Medeva the Sorceress, and helped her flee the city of Ratio-res. 


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